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Welcome to Orange-massage clinic!
We offer. A full-fledged massage to treat your body.
​Orange Massage Clinic provides professional service.
All of our staff are certified national masseurs.

All of our staff have national qualification of "Anma massage shiatsu".

There are few massage clinic that have over 5 national certified masseurs.

The national certification is extremely hared 3 years schooling and after that have to pass the national examination.

Orange Massage Clinic can remedy 200 joints.

Our Massage Clinic can remedy 200 joints with whole body adjustment treatment.

Without pain and fear of treatment. anybody can be treated with ease.

There are 2 Orange Massage Clinics in Asakusa. of our 2 clinics be sure to choose the correct one.

Orange Street Clinic

 1-39-15 2F Asakusa, Taito  TEL:03-6659-4058

Umamichi Street Branch

 3-1-1 3F Asakusa, Taito    TEL:03-5899-4520

Opening Hours 11:00~22:00(final acceptance20:30)

     1st and 3rd Wed end at 18: 00(final acceptance17:00)



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