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Professional masseurs will perform the treatment from the standpoint of each person.

If you take a course longer than 60 minutes for the first time, you will get 1000 yen discount.

30 minutes course   3,000yen

 Neck, shoulder, low back, etc. Ideal for people who want to get rid of local fatigue.


60 minutes course  6,000yen first time 5,000yen

 Basic course.Our treatment covers body health care. Our Treatment that considered the balance of the body.

90 minutes course  9,000yen first time 8,000yen

 Recommended for people who want to get rid of strong fatigue.

120 minutes course 12,000yen first time 11,000yen

 Recommended for those who want to spend a long time and receive treatment carefully.
 For those who are worried about edema and coldness, oil massage under the knee is also performed.
 Incorporate treatment for about 5-10 minutes during the course.


 Other, 45 minutes, 75 minutes, 120 minutes course etc.


Total joint adjustment

(Only Umamichi street branch. )

The massage clinic can treat 200 joints with whole body adjustment therapy. Adjust joint movement while checking for defects.

Can treat and prevent stiff shoulders, back pain, and chronic pain.

Hip joint adjustment

Pelvic adjustment

Scapula adjustment

Lower limb PNF exercise therapy


One treatment 5,500 yen, initial examination fee 1000 yen, not timed.

Discount for the first consultation fee by reservation up to the previous day


Original Oil Massage

Our women staff give oil massage, Shiatsu and Aroma therapy.

(Only Umamichi branch)

We massage muscle with special oil that is good for antitoxins

and discharge.

It is good for secretion stiffness detoxification, and relaxation.

90 minutes course      9,000yen

120 minutes course     12,000yen

Please check the time before coming.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday   11:00〜16:00


Home Visiting Massage

(Visit treatment service)

We can go to your residence for massage. 

60 minutes course       6,000yen

90 minutes course       9,000yen

120 minutes course     12,000yen

The treatment time is in units of 30 minutes.

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